Vance Yancey Beauregard, III (occasionally referred to as Trey) is a white guy with a red afro, late twenties, living in Central Oklahoma. He listens to the symphony of keys being pressed as code is being generated when he is at work, and writes his own music when he isn't.

In 2003, VYBeauregard graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor degree in music composition, studying under Dr. Christian Asplund and Dr. Brian Shepard.

Vance writes music for, and plays saxophone with a variety of different ensembles, most of which can be heard on the music section of this site.

Vance has created a number of websites, some with a rabid following, on a variety of topics including sports discussion, musical ensembles, businesses, and subversion against student governments. The best of these defunct websites (which until vybeauregard.net, had fallen dormant and inaccessible) may be found in the archive.

Trey also enjoys writing opinionated articles on various subjects ranging from computers to music and pop culture. These rants, which date back to 2002, may be found under Entertain Yourself Immediately on vybeauregard.net.

RSS feed information for the web logs at vybeauregard.net, as well as site updates, and Entertain Yourself Immediately may be accessed from the feeds site.

Trey is a proponent of open-source software, and currently dual-boots between Kubuntu (Hardy) Linux and Windows XP SP3 on his Dell D630 notebook. His desktop computer is fully Linux.

You may contact VYBeauregard (if you are a human) by submitting an electronic mail message to vybeauregard [at] alumni [dot] ou [dot] edu.

You can also find Trey on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MetaFilter and Orkut, if you know where to look.